Your Alpha-1 National Targeted Detection Program Resource

Commitment to Integrity

GeneAidyx values and adheres to strict privacy and confidentiality standards

  • Patient results are kept in the strictest confidence by the laboratory and are shared only with the physician
  • Physician’s office is called after the first kit is received to verify fax number and address to ensure proper communication
  • No patient-specific information is provided to Grifols or to any other third party
  • GeneAidyx is HIPAA compliant
    • Staff is HIPAA certified annually
    • HIPAA-compliant databases and communication systems

Solely Dedicated to Alpha-1 Testing

Led by Dr Mark Brantly, Medical Director, GeneAidyx, a pioneer in the field of alpha-1 with over 3 decades of experience. The AlphaKit testing program - over 16 years of experience, solely dedicated to testing for alpha-1.